Afghan opium production up 49 percent despite $7.6 billion US counternarcotics effort BY NOLAN PETERSON (BLUE FORCE TRACKER)

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Windows on America BY NOLAN PETERSON

Chicago Islamic leader uses education as weapon against terrorism and discrimination BY NOLAN PETERSON

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Antarctica- marathon on the ice BY NOLAN PETERSON

A woman of courage BY NOLAN PETERSON

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Israel’s Counter-terrorism Experience: Preparing for the Next Generation of Threat Scenarios BY NOLAN PETERSON

Think the city will be insane during NATO? Alert system will help you find out                    BY NOLAN PETERSON

Despite recommendations, FAA still not budging on mandatory bird strike reports               BY NOLAN PETERSON

Chicago on edge: Law-enforcement not the only ones with pre-NATO jitters                      BY NOLAN PETERSON

Unlicensed pilots operating drone aircraft in Illinois airspace BY NOLAN PETERSON

Warplanes will defend Chicago’s skies during NATO BY NOLAN PETERSON

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  1. great article by you,why we go to war…. thinking about a book, flew 400 missions SEA F-100 , F-4 like to chat 940-231-5442 (near Denton TX) was top gun in both acft , lost every close friend I had, a handful, in 2 yrs THX WLC

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