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  1. Hi Nolan, fascinating article.
    Was this an embed that you were on with the ANA?
    What’s the latest from Charkh now? Does the ANA remain in control?

  2. Jeff Martin is my son. I appreciate your including him in your
    article. He is a great soldier and places duty above his own
    personal situation .
    As a returning War participant I have never heard him say
    that he wished to avoid an assignment. I think part of his
    mind set is mind set is the responsibility of the younger
    troops that report to him in the field.
    The last deployment to this assignment to F.O.B. Shank
    I visited with he and his fellow soldiers at Ft. Drum N.Y.
    which is the home of the Mountain Division. His C.O. was
    sponsoring a regiment outing for the men and their families
    and I was invited to attend.
    It was obvious there was an overall feeling within the group (Officers and Senior N.C.O.’s) they had a job to do and it was their obligation to go into the field and stay until it was completed, incidentally hey were deploying within the next 48
    I was in Viet Nam (Air Force) and my thoughts went back as to how did myself and fellow airman feel about deployment. I still wonder, how men like my son Jeff , are asked to return multiple times to the same war zone and have no doubt that the risk become greater and for what ?
    This country needs to learn something from these young men
    and give thanks that regardless of the assignment, men like your brother and my son will not question the assignment before they assume the responsibility even though it places
    them in harms way.
    Jack Martin
    bother and my son will not

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